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Bamboo is a tall arboreal grass plant.
There are over seventy genera and over a thousand species recorded, but many of them are synonyms.
Bamboo is a tall, fast-growing grass plant with woody stems.
Distributed in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions.
East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean and Pacific islands are the most concentrated distribution, the largest species.
The ground stem of bamboo is woody and hollow (we call it bamboo stem). It grows in clusters from the underground stem (rhizome) of bamboo.
The smallest bamboo species have rods of 10 ~ 15 cm high, while the largest species have rods of more than 40 meters high.
Mature bamboo produces horizontal branches, sword-shaped leaves with petioles, and young leaves grow directly from the stem.
While some species produce rapid stem growth (up to 0.3 m/d), most species only bloom and produce seeds after 12 to 120 years.
Bamboo flowers and seeds only once in its life.
The underground stem of bamboo (commonly known as bamboo penis) grows horizontally, slightly empty in the middle, and has many and dense joints, with many fibrous roots and buds on the joints.
Some buds develop into bamboo shoots that grow out of the ground and grow into bamboo. Others do not grow out of the ground, but grow horizontally, developing new underground stems.
Therefore, bamboo grows in patches and forests.
Young underground stems and bamboo shoots are edible.
In autumn and winter, bamboo shoots have not yet grown out of the ground, so it is called winter bamboo shoots when dug out.
In spring, bamboo shoots grow out of the ground and are called spring shoots.
Winter bamboo shoots and spring bamboo shoots are common in Chinese dishes.

In the spring, bamboo shoots wait in the dry soil for the spring rain. If there is a heavy rain, the shoots will grow out of the ground at a rapid rate.

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