Eco-friendly smooth and polished surface customized bamboo straw drinking Aug 18 , 2021

Now many countries began to ban the use of plastic straws, as a substitute for plastic straws, here I would like to introduce our environmental bamboo biodegradable straws. Bamboo can actually grow to full maturity between 3-5 years .

Bamboo straws can be used time and time again and look great in any drink. Because bamboo is a natural material,they of course won’t last as long as a metal straw, but they cost a fraction of the price and can be used for many other things after they’ve finished their life as a straw.

think plant stands and props for the kids school craft projects! You can use bamboo reusable straws hundreds of times over, so if we do the math, they can be far more economical than nasty plastic alternatives that are designed to be used once, and then instantly disposed of.

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